Honda unveils the Honda 0 Series, a new range of electric vehicles

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Honda showcased two concept cars that provide a sneak peek at an impending range of electric cars. Honda declared that the Honda 0 Series, the first of these revolutionary EVs, will enter production in 2026. A redesigned Continue Reading

Young buyers are the target audience for Acura and Honda’s CPO leasing program

Affordability is becoming a bigger worry for many consumers as car prices rise. American Honda thinks it has figured out a way to deal with this problem by starting a program that offers lease terms on used cars. In the United States, the program will Continue Reading

Harley-Davidson Is Fighting For Its Life by Building Anti-Harleys in Asia

Harley-Davidson is stuck in an unfortunate situation, and has been for quite a while. Youngsters in America don’t need the huge, substantial cruisers that are Harley’s principle business, and President Trump’s exchange war has been near heartbreaking. So it progressively has gone to Asia. Entirely Continue Reading