Honda unveils the Honda 0 Series, a new range of electric vehicles

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Honda showcased two concept cars that provide a sneak peek at an impending range of electric cars.

Honda declared that the Honda 0 Series, the first of these revolutionary EVs, will enter production in 2026. A redesigned Honda “H” emblem will also be included on the new models as part of the company’s transition to electric cars.

Honda declared last year that it would invest $40 billion to develop new electric cars, intending to launch 30 new EVs worldwide by 2030. Honda previously declared that by 2040, it would only offer emissions-free cars in the country’s largest markets.

Honda now trails its main rivals in the market share of completely electric cars. For example, Honda no longer sells any fully electric vehicles in the United States, while it had previously sold those that were aimed at niche areas like California. Additionally, the Prologue, an electric SUV designed in collaboration with General Motors for the mainstream market, is anticipated to hit the road later this year. In the meantime, rival automakers like Ford, GM, Hyundai, and Kia already offer a variety of EV cars for purchase.

The Saloon and the Space-Hub are the names of the two Honda 0 series concept cars. Another word for sedan in the context of cars that is more frequently used in British English is saloon. However, the saloon design has a lower, smoother profile that ends in a blunt back end, giving it a hatchback-like appearance. It is the first model in the Series 0 that will be offered in North America starting in 2026.

The Space-Hub idea has a van-like body and is taller. According to Honda, this automobile can accommodate “a variety of passengers” in its roomy and adaptable interior. Pictures of the inside reveal bench seats that go all the way around the back and sides of the car. Honda did not specify when or if it planned to release a product similar to the Space-Hub.

Compared to the present form, the newly revealed H logo is simpler. The box that encloses the current Honda logo is removed. The vertical arms of the H extend upward toward the top, much like in the existing logo. According to the firm, all of Honda’s new 0 Series EVs will employ this new H.

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