NASAHoping to Repair Starliner Spacecraft, Delaying Astronaut Return

At the International Space Station (ISS), two American astronauts are experiencing delays as engineers work to resolve issues with Boeing’s Starliner aircraft. NASA, the American space agency, and Boeing are working together on the Starliner project. On June 6, the capsule reached the ISS. It Continue Reading

Boeing Plans to Repurchase Spirit AeroSystems for Billions of Dollars in Order to Address Safety Concerns

In an effort to stabilize its supply chain after a turbulent year, Boeing said on Monday that it will reassert Spirit AeroSystems as a supplier. Spirit’s net debt plus the aerospace giant’s purchase price of around $8.3 billion, or $37.25 per share, will be paid. Continue Reading

NASA Decides to Continue Testing Starliner Aboard the International Space Station

Before the CST-100 Starliner spacecraft returns to Earth, NASA and Boeing plan to keep it aboard the International Space Station for a minimum of four more days to conduct additional testing of the commercial crew vehicle. NASA reported on June 14 that Starliner, carrying NASA Continue Reading

Starliner Capsule From Boeing has Returned to the Launch Pad

In preparation for their scheduled liftoff on Saturday, June 1, Starliner and its rocket vehicle, an Atlas V from United Launch Alliance (ULA), rolled out to the pad at Florida’s Cape Canaveral Space Force Station today, May 30. At 12:25 p.m. EDT (16:25 GMT), that Continue Reading

FAA Will not Authorize a Rise in 737 Max Production Anytime Soon

The chairman of the Federal Aviation Administration intimated that more 737 MAX 9 aircraft production is not imminent when he stated on Thursday that the company has not yet received approval to increase production. Following a three-hour meeting with Boeing, FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker told Continue Reading

Boeing Rescheduled the First Starliner Astronaut Launch Until May 6th

The first crewed launch of Boeing’s new Starliner capsule is now scheduled for May 6, five more days later than originally planned. The much awaited Crew Flight Test (CFT) of the Starliner mission was scheduled for May 1st by NASA and Boeing. But it isn’t Continue Reading

Boeing actually dealing with 737 Max electrical system issue, FAA says

The Federal Aviation Administration gave a notification to global controllers and airplane administrators Thursday showing that Boeing is as yet chipping away at an electrical issue with about 737 Max planes. “The FAA is continuing to work with Boeing as it works to fully identify Continue Reading

After the aborted SLS hot-fire test, NASA and Boeing will attempt, attempt once more

NASA will make another attempt one month from now to test-fire its monstrous Space Launch System rocket after its first attempt was stopped, the office said Friday night. The rocket’s 212-foot-tall core stage will attempt to fire its four engines for eight minutes at NASA’s Continue Reading