Our Staff

Chirs Asher

Chirs Asher lives in America. He is a Journalist ,Writing has always been his passion.. Now he join the Californis Times. . He created daily content for own website and worked with the research team to create content. He works on California Times as a Writter.

Tony Anderson

Tony Anderson is stay in California he belongs to middle class his mother work on California local Church. He is interested in writing, web editing . He wrote some article, essay. Now he contribute as writer in  Clifornia Times. He happy with his work.

Abigail Boyd

Abigail Boyd is a  freelance editor for californiatimes.us.  She e is a best editor . She is born in California. She joined California Times after graduation. She also a former Press Association Business  news writer, and currently she is working in Californis Times.

Jacob Griffin

Jacob Griffin is a U.S. writer, he belongs to florida. He working on Clifornia Times covering Business, Technology, Television and Sports. He developed some own newswebsites, and now he works on California Times.

Louise Abbingto

Louise Abbingto has a particular interest covering digital strategy, leadership, enterprise culture, and diversity. She take bachelor’s degrees in English and Journalism. After beginning his career in content creation and copywriting, she conneting  the California Times as a freelance editor.

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