Gui Mattos’ Vila Madalena Apartment

Gui Mattos’ Vila Madalena Apartment

Text portrayal given by the draftsmen. The 147-square-meter apartment was intended to accommodate distant family members, including children, as a cozy haven for a single person. Through components like wood, cloth, and cotton textures, and normal weave floor coverings, the venture makes a warm and, simultaneously, unbiased climate, welcoming new recollections and individual brightening objects.

By understanding that there isn’t only one kind of white, as well as the comprehension that surfaces and various planes can build a space, the parlor was embraced by a negative bended brace white veneer board, separated from the roof, with a detail that gives circuitous lighting that upgrades the surface of the roof, bringing out the non-abrasiveness of sand. In addition, this panel connects with the positive curved freijó slatted panel in front of it, forming a single wood concentration block that runs from the entrance hall to the kitchen.

The kitchen, which is part of the living room and was designed to be useful, is integrated into the room. Through a sliding entryway, which has a similar completion as the entry corridor board, it very well may be shut. This joining considers the transformation of the social region as indicated by needs, giving various sorts of purpose of the space and taking into consideration a liquid change between conditions.

Through soft lighting, the home theater was designed to be adaptable and comfortable. It can be turned into a guest room with specially chosen futon cushions that can be moved and turned into comfortable beds to sleep on, just like at a camping site.

At last, in its most personal climate, the subtleties for building an inviting air are reflected from the material storage rooms to the storeroom, which, canvassed in colored normal straw, enhances the climate with rusticity. The rest of the furniture gets the colors that stand out most, leaving the spotlight on the paintings and stories-inspired objects that are to come.

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