Astronauts Expected to Reach Mars in Two Months with NASA-Funded Pulsed Plasma Rocket

Future deep space trips to Mars could be revolutionized by an inventive rocket technology, cutting the time it takes to reach the Red Planet down to a few months. Many obstacles stand in the way of the objective of landing humans on Mars, one of Continue Reading

NASA may Discover Ancient Life on Mars with the Aid of Cosmic Explosions on the Sun

Massive explosions on the Sun’s surface this year could provide major clues about whether life has ever lived on Mars. The massive, blazing volcano at the center of our solar system reaches what NASA refers to as its “peak activity” around every 11 years. In Continue Reading

Four Volunteers are Needed by NASA to Live and Work Inside a Mars Simulator for a Year

Ever pondered what it might be like to inhabit Mars? NASA has created a simulation that allows you to experience life on the Red Planet. To assist them become ready for human exploration of the planet, the space agency is searching for volunteers to spend Continue Reading

The latest flight log for NASA’s little helicopter on Mars is available

The space agency declared on Thursday that rotor blade damage has rendered the 4-pound (1.8-kg) Ingenuity helicopter unfit for flight. Officially, its $85 million mission is ended, but it’s still upright and in communication with flight controllers, according to officials. Originally designed as a temporary Continue Reading

On Mars, NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter established a new record for flight distance

Since arriving on the planet in February 2021, NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter—technically a rotorcraft—has made dozens of tiny aerial excursions across Mars; however, its most recent flight set a new record for the tiny aircraft. According to its flight log, Ingenuity’s 69th flight on December 21st, Continue Reading