Studies show that the circulation of the ocean is slowing down

Long-held beliefs on the ocean’s role in reducing climate change are called into question by a recent study by MIT professor Jonathan Lauderdale. Contrary to popular assumption, the research, which was published in Nature Communications, indicates that a decreasing ocean circulation may cause an increase Continue Reading

Parker Solar Probe of NASA Makes 20th Close Approach to the Sun

This incredible accomplishment highlights the probe’s sturdy construction and the careful preparation that went into its mission to discover the sun’s outer atmosphere. 2018 saw the launch of the Parker Solar Probe, which is still pushing the envelope in solar exploration and supplying priceless data Continue Reading

NASA’s New Satellite to Investigate Atmosphere and Oceans has Launched

A new satellite from NASA, an American space agency, has been launched with the goal of intensively studying the world’s atmosphere and seas. On February 8, NASA launched the PACE satellite. PACE was launched into orbit from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center by a SpaceX Falcon Continue Reading