ARASH BARMAN: On His Way To Breaking Stereotypes

He was born in Los Angeles to parents from the Middle East. They wanted him to be a doctor or an engineer, but Arash wanted to play basketball. He loved basketball and wanted to make a profession out of it. He practised basketball but was cut from his high school team due to racist political profiling, so he made it his ambition to join the Santa Monica College basketball team. He put forth a lot of effort so that they would not have any justification to fire him. When tryouts came around, there were only a few spots left. Many spaces were set aside for newcomers and returning players.

All of these events pushed him in a different way. He aspired to be a corporate leader in addition to becoming a basketball player. He deliberated for a while before deciding on an application. After some time, he created his own app, BOOS, which is an online dating service for the Persian-Jewish community. Boos is a project of Boos Co., whose creator and CEO is Arash Barmaan. Arash Barmaan, who belongs to Middle Eastern heritage, claims that he was raised with the concept of arranged marriage and was expected to follow the stereotype of being a doctor, lawyer, or engineer since he was a child. It turned out to be a better situation for him. He still hopes to one day work as an NBA trainer and realize his ambition. Arash is currently transferring to the University of Miami to pursue his sports administration degree. At the same time, he maintains his application.

People who hold these beliefs are viewed as old-fashioned and too conservative to exist in today’s rapidly changing society. When Arash Barmaan found himself uninterested in any of the job possibilities his family suggested for him, he had to address these issues firsthand. Initially, Arash Barmaan was interested in playing professional basketball, but as he learned more about himself and his abilities, he became more interested in being an internet entrepreneur. 

Arash Barmaan founded his own company based on his knowledge in the sector, and the Boos app will be released at the end of the year for both iOS and Android. Boos is the world’s first Persian-Jewish dating app, and it’s for people who want to pursue another job route while also having a great love life without sacrificing either.

“Families expect both individuals to offer a particular amount of illustriousness to the union,” says Boos, an app customised to the Persian and Jewish civilizations, as these are the cultures where arranged weddings are still prominent.

Boos Co. is also announcing the launch of Poly, a polyamorous dating app, in keeping with its mission of mainstream dating and marriage outside the usual societal limits and expectations. It should come as no surprise to anyone who keeps up with the times that polyamorous partnerships are growing increasingly prevalent, with many people realising that they are not taboo.

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