Leading The Era Of ETH2.0, ETH Gene Creates A New Decentralized Interest System Ecology

Throughout the history of world civilization, mankind has experienced the agricultural revolution, industrial revolution, and information revolution successively. Every industrial technological revolution has had a huge and profound impact on human production and life. The 5000-year farming civilization and 300-year industrial civilization of mankind have Continue Reading

Bityard has launched copy trade system to make contract trading easier for crypto beginners

Abstract: Bityard adheres to the product concept of “Complex contract, Simple trade” and has launched its contract copy trade service. The purpose of Bityard copy trade system is helping beginners to get started with contract trading easily. Recently, the Bitcoin price has soared to more than $18,000, as the amount of Bitcoin that Grayscale Investment, Continue Reading

To Create a New Era of Digital Finance, PRC Reconstructs the Value of Financial Token Economy

The long-awaited bull market in bitcoin and recent signs that a large number of corporate and institutional have invested most of their savings in Bitcoin indicate that the development of a mainstream cryptocurrency market is accelerating. Bitcoin broke through the shackles of traditional finance and opened the door Continue Reading