Wintoys is a free application that gives you access to numerous hidden PC features.

Despite using a Mac for more than a decade, I still encounter Windows PCs. Additionally, I believe I have just discovered the application I require to make computer management much simpler. Wintoys is a Microsoft Store app that can be downloaded for free. In any case, given its various highlights, it unquestionably seems to be the sort of application one would pay a premium for.

Lifehacker discovered that Wintoys is a Windows 10 and Windows 11 computer “Swiss Army Knife.”

The app provides a variety of useful tools to manage your computer, monitor Windows health, and boost performance overall.

A bird’s-eye view of the hardware is provided by Wintoys, as evidenced by some of these screenshots. The specs, such as the amount of CPU and RAM used and the version of Windows, are provided in great detail. You should be able to use this data to improve your computer and get rid of processes and applications that use up CPU, GPU, and RAM power. That is especially useful if you have a more recent laptop whose battery life has decreased.

Additionally, the Wintoys Boost feature allows you to improve overall performance. This includes managing the startup applications that start running when the laptop is turned on. The app will even let you know how long it takes your computer or laptop to boot.

Wintoys also lets you remove unwanted programs and shows you how many apps you have installed. If you are unsure of what is clogging your limited local storage, this is helpful. Additionally, there is a Declutter feature that will assist you in getting rid of unnecessary junk files.

The quick access to Repair commands for your current installation is also crucial. Orders like framework record checker (SFC) and really look at circle (CHKDSK) are accessible without going through the Windows order brief. However, if you are unfamiliar with these commands, you might not even use them very often.

Additionally, you can configure how to install new releases thanks to support for Windows updates in the Wintoys repair features. The ability to restart the graphics driver, which may resolve issues with display flickering, is another useful feature.

Finally, I believe that one of the best features of Wintoys is the central location of a few obscure Windows settings. When working with a brand-new Windows PC, the Privacy and Ads settings on the Tweaks tab are the first Windows settings I customize.

I am stopping all data sharing that Microsoft would like you to agree to by customizing the ads experience. Additionally, the operating system’s setting app is usually where I look for privacy settings. Wintoys appear to facilitate the procedure.

There is also a God Mode feature here that lets you put an icon for over 200 settings on your desktop. Wintoys must be downloaded from the Microsoft Store at this link before you can begin.

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