The most recent feature of YouTube Music Premium makes it simple to convert finds into favorites

YouTube Music is always getting better with new features, but it also has its fair share of problems. Regardless, YouTube Music has more than 80 million listeners, many of whom pay for the Premium tier. Customers who sign up for a subscription get access to a few perks, like free music, which makes it easy for them to switch from other services. A new toggle in the Android app’s settings now lets us add one more benefit to the list.

“Recently played songs,” in the YouTube Music Highlights post from February 2023. YouTube Music will download up to 200 songs based on your recent history when you flip the switch. “Recently played songs” will still be downloaded even if Smart downloads are turned off because it operates independently of it.

From the settings page for the YouTube Music app, premium account holders can enable the Recently played songs to toggle by going to “Downloads & storage.” Although Google claims that the new toggle went live on January 12, the majority of users have only begun to notice it in recent days.

Although Google didn’t specify where these automatic downloads would appear, neither in the home screen view nor in the Library tab is there a playlist with these songs, the company’s language suggests that they are only intended for offline listening.

Both “Smart downloads” and downloads from “Recently played songs” sound like good options for filling your entertainment void if you ever find yourself in a location where there is no internet connection.

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