Chang’e-6 Departs for Earth Carrying the First Samples from the Far Side of the Moon

The Chang’e-6 spacecraft from China is traveling to Earth to deliver samples that were gathered on the moon’s far side. Around June 21, the Chang’e-6 service module most likely started its engines in preparation for a trans-Earth injection. The spacecraft is currently in the last Continue Reading

China Launches an Item into Orbit Using a Covert Spacecraft

During its third voyage, China’s experimental reusable spacecraft successfully launched an unidentified item into orbit. The object was identified by U.S. Space Force space domain awareness personnel as 59884 (International designator 2023-195G). After taking off on December 14, 2023, the possible spacecraft has spent 164 Continue Reading

China Resumes Growth in Manufacturing in March Following a Five-Month Hiatus

A survey of factory managers released on Sunday indicates that manufacturing in China increased in March after declining for five consecutive months. This suggests that industrial operations may have picked up after the Lunar New Year holiday. From 49.1 in February to 50.8 in March, Continue Reading

The OnePlus 12 Will Go Live Worldwide on January 23

The OnePlus 12 won’t be delayed by much, according to OnePlus. The smartphone manufacturer revealed on Friday that the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R will go on sale worldwide on January 23. This announcement follows the OnePlus 12’s earlier launch in China. Although it didn’t Continue Reading