Squid Game Season 2, The Much Awaited Sequel, Has Oh Dal Soo Confirmed As a Star

It has been revealed that Oh Dal Soo will appear in the upcoming Squid Game season on Netflix. Along with the huge cast list that was revealed last year, the actor will be making an appearance. The show’s filming has been underway since 2023 and is scheduled to conclude by the end of April 2024.

Oh Dal Soo’s Confirmed Appearance in Season 2 of Squid Game

It was revealed on March 12, 2024, that Oh Dal Soo has been cast for the upcoming Squid Game season. The actor will appear in the eagerly awaited upcoming program sequel, according to confirmation from C-JeS Studio, the actor’s agency. But the firm encouraged everyone to wait until the show was released and wouldn’t disclose any details regarding his role.

Throughout his career, Oh Dal Soo has starred in a number of television series and motion pictures, taking on difficult and unique roles. Among the films in which he has appeared are Oldboy, A Bittersweet Life, Foxy Festival, The Thieves, and Miracle in Cell No. 7. In addition, during the beginning of his career, he participated in theater acting. The actor’s position in the business has been cemented by the numerous honors he has since garnered.

Cast Members and Release date for Squid Game Season 2

The second season of the program will feature reunions with cast members from the first season, including Lee Jung Jae, Lee Byung Hun, and Wi Ha Joon. For the upcoming season, there have been numerous additions to the cast, and these include Im Siwan, Kang Ha Neul, Park Gyu Young, Jo Yu Ri, Won Ji An, Park Sung Hoon, Yang Dong Geun, T.O.P., Lee Jin Wook, David Lee, Noh Jae Won, and Kang Ae Sim. It has been revealed that the upcoming season of the show will be released in 2024.

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