New Handmade Guardian Angel Candle Beeswax Spell Kit: Natural & Clean-Burning

This is the latest addition to POW’s collection of ‘spell kits’, which combine candles, herbs and spiritual oils.

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The expansion of the spell kit range gives customers across the USA and Canada greater flexibility when choosing supplies for their spiritual and lifestyle activities.

The black angel embodies a ‘personal spirit guide,’ which is a protective entity from the spirit world. Spiritual guidance is valuable for those seeking direction and assistance in their life choices, whether these be concerning relationships, finances or health.

The new spell kit provides all the necessary products plus step-by-step instructions for incorporating candles into everyday practice. Every kit contains one figural candle and three white support tapers, one bottle of spiritual oil, and herbs to enhance the intention of the spell.

Each angel candle is four inches tall and features a cotton wick, with a burn time of approximately five hours. The candles are hand-crafted in the USA from pure unscented beeswax, which is non-toxic and promotes relaxation.

The launch of the black angel candle spell kit aims to help anyone facing struggles in their personal lives to access spiritual protection and guidance.

About POW

Madame Pamita, the founder of Parlour Of Wonders, is an experienced magician, mystical coach and author. Together with her team, she offers spiritual services, custom spells and one-to-one online tuition.

Aside from providing fast delivery on magical supplies across the USA and Canada, the website presents a wealth of information on witchcraft practices. Customers can register online to join Madame Pamita’s exclusive members club.

A spokesperson for POW said “A little help from the magical arts can help you change your circumstances and connect with your highest self. Both beginning spellcasters and seasoned practitioners love the convenience of spell kits, and having all the materials for a spell ready-to-go without having to research or come up with a formula.”

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