Launch of The Last of Us Part II is delayed

Enduring the painful wait longer than what was initially expected for The Last of Us Part II, what should be done next? Shall we lie down and cry for the newly announced date of release till May 2020? Either an option is an entirely valid option indeed.

However, if you are not willing to fantasies either of these, then you should have a look at the four new pieces of the concept art that Naughty Dog revealed. It is not exactly the same as gamers play the Last of Us Part II. In fact, it is nothing like playing the Last of Us Part II. They are indeed gorgeous pieces of art work that are worth looking.

All of these four images, show off a range of scenarios which tend to give away a little of what can be expected of the final releases of the game. This new concept of art was released in collaboration with the Cook and Becker for price obviously. This is how things usually work.The limited time offer framed or unframed are easily accessible ranging between $95 and $410.

These four pieces are named as “powerlines”, “seattle arrival”, “Ellie and dog,” and “Hunting in the Woods.”

It is announced sadly that earlier the game was to be released by February 4th by Naughty Dog. However the game is now to be released by May 2020. This new date has been revealed after a few weeks they revealed the launch date to be February.

But while we were waiting for what could be the most anticipated exclusive of Sony ever, the developers have come up to share via Twitter the concept art of the game in the images that has already been stated above.

It is again worth sharing that the four images do not tend to reveal too much about the game however the bottom right picture shows Ellie alongside a dog. It was revealed that dogs will be used to help sniff the players by the enemies. It is as they are trying to sneak around the threats that players may come across potentially.

Joel will be there in The Last of Us Part II, Naughty Dog didn’t show working alongside Ellie during the game play reveal. Hence while it is realistic to expect that Ellie will be having a sidekick at certain levels, we still have not seen her doing any work aside Dina.

It is being assumed that for one chapter we will get to play as Joel. Other than the main protagonists for the first game, the only character that would be playable in The Last of Us Part II is Ellie’s mom named Anna. She has been shown during the second story trailer. Since then nothing has been heard about Anna so she might be involved in final trailer of the game in its May release.

The latest part is reported to be as long as twice of the first one and hence players may take almost 25 to 40 hours to complete the game. Naughty Dog Shares Concept Art Gallery For The Last Of Us Part II, Reveals Ellie’s Pet Dog means gear up to enjoy the game all over again.

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