Meet MR. Ahmed Mukhtar, the genius of the network marketing industry and the president of NeXarise, a network marketing company that he found himself with the help of his co-founder and team. All of the work that he did and the success that he achieved are because of his sheer hard work, innovation, and his undying passion for work. Let us know how he began his career in this field and excelled his way towards success.

Ahmed introducing NeXarise

NeXarise was co-founded by Ahmed Mukhtar (president), and his co-founders, namely Asad Ali (chairman) and Liju Thomas (CEO). Ahmed explains that the company sells essential services and provides an online platform for people to sell essential goods and services at their convenience. People who join the company can sell goods and services online to customers and earn a decent amount of money. Moreover, they can also form networks of people and earn money out of those networks on a commission basis, which usually happens in Network marketing.

Ahmed’s family background and struggles

Ahmed tells that he was born in an average family in Somalia. He was born on the 14th of December, 1988. Being a bus driver, his father could not afford to provide a luxurious lifestyle and so, he could only fulfill the basic needs of the family. His family always experienced a financial crisis and hence, Mukhtar knew that he would have to choose and build his career all by himself as there was a lack of financial assistance as well as sound family background.

Mukhtar’s entry in the field of network marketing

Till the age of 23, Ahmed did not figure out what or how he would make a career for himself. He was working as a retail manager at M&S but he was not satisfied with his job as he wanted more out of life. Eventually, he felt that he was interested in network marketing and hence, he decided to move into this business.

Ahmed’s way towards success

In a short period, i.e., 2 years, Ahmed proved his worth in the company that he worked for and grabbed the position of senior vice president. He was then chosen to be flown all over the world to train a multitude of budding entrepreneurs on how they can become similar success stories if they possessed an unquenchable desire to succeed and are willing to roll up the sleeves and get to work. Within 3 years, Ahmed was successfully able to build a team of 21,000 people and earned a whopping amount of $3.6 million in 4 years. He was featured in success from the home magazine in 2016 and other publications and has mentored thousands of people all over the world in over 25 countries. Today, his business expands in over 20+ countries making him one of the highest Millenials in the industry.

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