Google update for Android phones will ping you for messaging while at the same time walking


Google is bringing out a feature to help Android clients who have this issue and it’s suitably named “Heads Up.”

The feature is being tried on the beta version of the Google Digital Wellbeing application.

You can likewise utilize this application to monitor your cell phone use and ensure you’re not utilizing it to an extreme.

The Heads Up feature will work by sending you a notification on the off chance that it can detect you walking with your cell phone unlocked.

It will caution clients to know about their environmental factors.

The warning may come as a pinging commotion if your phone isn’t on quiet.

It’s additionally expected to get whether you’re walking, jogging or running.

The Google support page explains: “The app uses sensors in your phone that detect movement to understand whether or not you’re walking, while the location is used to understand whether you’re walking indoors or outdoors.”

You don’t need to share location information to utilize the feature.

On the off chance that you do give location permissions, the feature can consider whether you’re inside or out.

Google added: “While we have tested this feature to be as accurate as possible, do not rely solely on this feature to keep safe.
“Please always use your best judgement, and use this feature as a gentle reminder when you do find yourself distracted while walking.”


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