Ford is recalling 1.9 million Explorer SUVs due to a potential for pieces to fly off

Nearly 1.9 million Ford Explorers from model years 2011 to 2019 are being recalled by Ford due to the possibility of external trim parts flying off during traffic.

According to recall materials made available to the public by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “improper assembly or repair” might cause the clips holding the trim around the front windshield to fall away, posing a risk to other drivers.

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According to Ford’s email to The Washington Post, the trim is fastened to the columns beside the windows. According to Ford, customers who own impacted vehicles may notice gaps surrounding loose trim, hear a rattling, or notice increased wind noise in the vicinity.

The problem was first discovered in 2018, but because the trim parts were so small, it was initially thought to be too low-risk to warrant a recall. As a result, Ford ended its research into the matter in 2021. However, a timeline released by NHTSA shows that a fresh inquiry was launched in the United States last year, and Canadian officials also made inquiries over the matter.

According to the NHTSA, as of January 12, Ford was aware of 14,377 warranty reports and more than 568 complaints concerning loose trim.

According to Ford, the trim problem actually affects just 5% of the recalled Explorers.

Owners of impacted vehicles are advised to bring their vehicles to a dealer for a free replacement of the defective parts. To ensure that the replacements don’t fly off, more glue will be used during installation. For more information, customers are advised to get in touch with a nearby Ford or Lincoln dealer or give Ford’s toll-free number—1-866-436-7332) a ring.

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