EV startup Drako Motors practices its GTE four-motor, four-door electric supercar out for winter testing

On Thursday, EV startup Drako Motors reported that it’s been out in Colorado doing winter testing with its GTE four-door electric supercar with racing drivers Andy Pilgrim and David Hackl.
Drako is out in Colorado explicitly to flaunt its DriveOS technology that deals with the GTE’s four independent drive motors to expand performance and grasp even in some lovely extreme circumstances – like snow and ice.
The GTE’s first stop was Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where ex-Le Mans racer and previous World Challenge championship winner Andy Pilgrim caned it around a purpose-built winter performance driving circuit 6,700 feet above ocean level.
For the second phase of the GTE’s test, Pikes Peak racer David Hackl drove the vehicle on the frozen Georgetown Lake, which sits at 8,500 feet above ocean level. The high altitude would almost certainly have most internal combustion cars battling for breath, while most EVs would struggle with the sub-zero temperatures – yet as per Drako, the GTE handled it all with aplomb.
Honestly, Drako gives no hard information focuses on the temperature’s impact on battery life or whatever else, so it’s difficult to back up its claims. All things considered, the possibility of four independently controlled electric motors offering true torque-vectoring is really cool.
The GTE appears to be based on the Fisker Karma/Karma Revero platform, and as indicated by Drako, it produces 1,200 horsepower and 6,500 pound-feet of wheel torque. Take that last number with a grain of salt, as Drako reps affirmed that this is a measurement of wheel torque – otherwise known as not the sort of torque measurement that is utilized as the norm by most automakers.
The GTE has a claimed top speed of 206 mph, a price tag of $1.25 million and a planned production run of 25 units. It’s in production now in San Jose, California.

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