Dr. Joan Neehall has made it her life’s work to combat despair and spread happiness

Everyone’s goal in life is to find joy in their lives. But is it really possible to experience happiness? Do you, like a lot of other people, go through your head a list of the things that, in your opinion, you can’t be happy without? Many things that are considered to be desirable by our society, such as success, riches, celebrity, power, attractiveness, and romantic love, encourage us to pursue these things. But are these things really the answers to achieving happiness?

A significant achievement, a substantial increase, a fascinating connection, the purchase of a stylish new automobile, or the loss of weight are all examples of things that have the potential to initially make us feel fantastic; yet, the excitement often does not endure for very long. One of the qualities that has contributed to humanity’s continued existence and success is its remarkable capacity for rapid adaptation to changing conditions. On the other hand, this also implies that the good things that initially make us happy will, in a short amount of time, become our new normal, and we will revert back to our previous level of happiness.

However, research conducted by clinical psychologists has shown that it is possible to significantly boost one’s level of happiness and general contentment with life without the need for a large sum of money or any other kind of dramatic shift in one’s circumstances. It is necessary to undergo a transformation on the inside, both in terms of vision and attitude. And this is absolutely wonderful news since Dr. Joan Neehall, a professional psychologist who is encouraging happiness and has a few things to teach about how anybody may overcome depression, which we will cover in the following paragraphs, is one of the people who has some advice to provide.

Your mind is the most important part of you

Dr. Joan believes that the wiring in our brains makes it more likely that we will notice and recall the negative aspects of a situation. It’s a technique for survival that helped our cave-dwelling ancestors stay safe in a world where there were plenty of dangerous things to physically encounter. However, she says that in today’s relatively secure environment, this biological propensity to concentrate on the negative adds to stress and unhappiness since it causes one to dwell on the things that may go wrong.

Dr. Joan is of the opinion that although we can’t alter who we are as people, we can modify the way our brains think to be more optimistic. This does not imply that regardless of what is taking place, you should always put on a smiling face and whistle a pleasant song. You don’t have to shut off the world or act as if everything is great even when it’s not. But just as concentrating on bad things feeds sadness and plays a major part in depression and anxiety, choosing to recognize, appreciate, and anticipate goodness is a strong happiness booster, as Dr. Joan recommends. This will help you feel more positive and less anxious.

Live freely and enjoy the small things in life

Consider a point in your life when you were feeling nervous or sad. There is a good chance that you were either ruminating on something unfavorable that happened in the past or fretting about something that will happen in the future. On the other hand, Dr. Joan believes that if you pay attention to the here and now, you will have a much increased likelihood of feeling focused, joyful, and at peace. You are also far more likely to notice the nice things that are occurring rather than letting them slip by unrecognized or undetected. This is because when you are grateful, you are more likely to notice the positive things that are happening. How can you begin to start living more in the now and begin to enjoy the wonderful things that life has to offer? Dr. Joan is of the opinion that once you start living your life without restrictions, you will naturally start to become more aware of and appreciative of the many joys that life has to offer.

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