“Fitness has taught me patience, and entrepreneurship has taught me dedication,” says Khalid Nasser

The Dubai-based youngster is a rising boxer and an entrepreneur who beautifully juggles between two of his careers and makes it look effortless.

The kind of insane levels of growth and the massive momentum a few industries have gained today in all these years can be attributed to so many different factors. Some say it is because of the several tech advancements and adoption of tech trends across industries, while some others say it is due to the relentless drive, passion and perseverance of a few professionals who made this possible. However, a few experts across industries opine that a combination of both has what led most sectors to where they stand today. Similar is the opinion of growing business personality and boxer Khalid Nasser from Dubai, UAE.

Khalid Nasser stands as a true-blue boxing talent and entrepreneurial genius who has never shied from taking the right risks at the right time in these industries. He suggests the same to other aspiring talents in both these industries to do as he believes that risks often lead people to either the results they seek in their journey or the lessons that are required for them to learn to become better at their craft.

He originally hails from Pakistan and has now made Dubai his home. He is the son of Salma Khan, the renowned veteran designer. Boxing was something that attracted his attention very early in his career, so much so that he fell in love with the game. He always aspired to be in that ring and fight for himself. That’s what he has been doing today, thriving high as a high-performing boxer. However, he has excelled beyond that and jumped into the business realm as well in Dubai.

As a businessman, Khalid Nasser (@khalid_nasser1) today runs two water brands of his named Shukran Water Aqua Kingdom while also running SK Boxing Kits, offering customized ring-gear. Coming this far in business did not happen overnight for him, but he was determined to getting closer to his visions in life, and that’s how he turned into a successful and versatile talent.

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