Zscaler Purchases Airgap Networks, a Microsegmentation Company

The firm Airgap Networks Inc., which provides a software platform intended to increase enterprise network security, was bought by Zscaler Inc. today. Financial details of the transaction were not made public. Prior to this, investors contributed more than $18 million to Santa Clara, California-based Airgap. Continue Reading

Thales Alenia Space Receives Contract From ESA to Resume ExoMars

A group of businesses was given a contract by the European Space Agency to continue working on a Mars rover mission that was thrown off course by geopolitics two years prior. On April 9, ESA declared that it has given a team headed by Thales Continue Reading

BravoCon’s 2024 Hiatus Will be Followed by a 2025 Return to Las Vegas

Bravo stated on Wednesday, April 10, that the fan conference will not return in 2024 after three years in a row. Rather, it will make a comeback at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas for the weekend of November 14–16, 2025, the following year. That does Continue Reading

Greg Norman of LIV Golf making his Masters Debut Since 2021

Greg Norman, the CEO of LIV Golf League, was sighted on the Augusta National grounds on Wednesday before the 88th Masters. Norman told the Post, “I’m here because we have 13 players that won 10 Masters between them,”  “So, I’m here just to support them, Continue Reading

In May, Google Will Release an AI photo Eraser for iPhone and Android Devices

Google revealed on Wednesday that all Google Photos users will receive free access to a number of its generative artificial intelligence-powered photo-editing capabilities. The business announced in a blog post that it will broaden access to AI-powered editing features, which were previously exclusive to its Continue Reading

Exercise Doesn’t Seem to Counteract the Negative Consequences of Sitting, which are Detrimental to Your Health, Study Says

The necessity and desire for humans to migrate has been eliminated by technological advancements in recent decades. The majority of people on the planet spend a large portion of their days sitting, whether it is in front of a TV at home or a computer Continue Reading

After 38 Seasons Leading the Cardinals, Veteran Stanford Head Coach Tara VanDerveer Announces Her Retirement

The seasoned Stanford head coach made her retirement announcement on Tuesday night. Next season, the Cardinal will replace her as assistant coach with VanDerveer player Kate Paye. VanDerveer will continue to serve as an advisor for the Stanford athletic department. VanDerveer coached collegiate basketball for Continue Reading

A New Research Discloses the Moon’s ‘Turned Itself Inside Out’

Most scientists concur that the Moon formed approximately 4.5 billion years ago, following Earth’s collision with a planetoid resembling Mars. For what happened next, there are a plethora of models and theories. According to the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory’s most recent analysis, Continue Reading

This April, the Air Force Secretary Intends to Take a Flight in an AI-Driven F-16 Fighter Aircraft

On Tuesday, U.S. Senate senators heard testimony from Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall regarding his intention to see the technology of the military branch’s future fleet firsthand by flying in the cockpit of an AI-operated aircraft. Kendall discussed how autonomous drones will be essential to Continue Reading

‘The Crow Reboot’ Release Date Postpone Until August

A lot of the release dates for Lionsgate’s future slate of films have been moved. For example, Saw XI’s release date was originally scheduled for September 27, 2024, but it was moved from June 7 to August 23. A day prior to Lionsgate’s CinemaCon presentation, Continue Reading