Xiaomi prods camera with the liquid lens on forthcoming Mi Mix handset

Xiaomi’s forthcoming Mi Mix handset will incorporate a camera with a liquid lens, the organization prodded in a couple of Weibo posts today. As its name suggests, the lens regularly incorporates a layer of liquid, and the lens’s focus and focal length are changed by applying an electrical voltage. Xiaomi says the lens will permit one camera to take everything from telephoto to macro shots as well as offer fast autofocus. The phone is expected to be disclosed on March 29th.

Liquid lenses have been around for various years, however they’re commonly found in industrial applications where traditional lenses with moving mechanical parts may destroy excessively fast. In any case, their minimal size and adaptability make them an engaging possibility for cell phones. In principle, one camera with a liquid lens could consolidate a few of the cameras that are found on the backs of most flagship cell phones.

Just as Xiaomi, there were tales a year ago that Huawei is additionally investigating utilizing the technology in its cell phones.

A liquid lens feels fitting for Xiaomi’s Mi Mix line, which has included some beautiful exploratory plans throughout the years. In 2018, the Mi Mix 3 was among the first phones to offer a mechanical sliding selfie camera, and the next year, it flaunted the Mi Mix Alpha, which had a screen that wrapped around almost the whole gadget.

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