Tobias Harris clarifies how Sixers have acknowledged roles in a new system

The Philadelphia 76ers are sitting at the top of the East with a 17-7 record, and they are playing some very great b-ball. They have a legitimate MVP candidate, Joel Embiid, and two others, Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris, who ought to get genuine thought for the All-Star game.

At the point when a group is this acceptable, there is an acknowledgment of roles. Embiid is the person who has the duty of conveying the team and being the leader on an every-night premise. Simmons has taken on the role of doing everything on the floor. Also, Harris has stepped into the role of being a predictable scorer consistently.

“It’s the trust and system, we saw,” Harris explained. “Luckily, we were able to see early on, the things that Doc was harping on to really put into a system of play and things that he knew would be able to help us win. We’re able to see results early, which is being fine with that and accepting that type of role and this is how we need to play to be successful.”

Tolerating his role has placed Harris in a decent position and he is having a career season. He had 21 points in Saturday’s success over the Brooklyn Nets. He is averaging a career-high 20.2 points, and he has a genuine shooting percentage of 60.7%, which is additionally a career-high.

Harris clearly has a history with Rivers, and he sees how the coach wants to run things. The key is having the option to secure each and every game. That is the thing that will be significant over the long run, particularly when the playoffs come around.

“We can do it night after night,” he finished. “It would be a different story if we were trying to do those things and weren’t winning and nobody would have any type of feelings. But the formula has been there, it’s been successful. For us, it’s just sticking to the script.”

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