This brand could promptly offer the ideal iPhone 12 mini rival

By Apple’s standards, the iPhone 12 mini hasn’t been selling that well, at this point contrasted with most Android products the minimized phone is as yet a triumph. Sadly, there is anything but a true Android rival available at the present time, however soon that could change.

Asus is building up a minimal Android cell phone for release in 2021 that, not at all like Sony’s upcoming Xperia Compact model, will be a completely fledged flagship gadget that compromises.

Little is thought about the item regarding specifications right now, however Asus’ arrangements to make it a top of the line gadget recommend Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 888 chipset could be on the cards.

It’s additionally tipped to hit shelves as the Asus ZenFone mini, proving the reports about it being impressively more modest than traditional ZenFone flagships — the ZenFone 7 Pro highlights a 6.7-inch display.

Industry sources refered to by DigiTimes (through NotebookCheck) say the compact ZenFone is a critical concentration for Asus in 2021. It’s additionally vital to more extensive designs for a redo of its whole cell phone business subsequent to attempting to rival more established players a year ago.

At the point when the so-called Asus ZenFone mini will be released is unclear. The next release for Asus is the ROG Phone 5, which should hit racks around March or April, so the compact flagship could be next in the pipeline.

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