The LG 2023 OLED TVs will be available at the end of March for $1,299

As soon as its 2023 OLED TVs are about to ship, LG has detailed pricing information for them. Pre-orders for the flagship G3 and mainstream C3 models (shown in the image) will open on March 6 and are expected to arrive in late March. The C3 ranges in price from $1,299 for a 42-inch model to $5,299 for a colossal 83-inch model. The G3’s 55-inch model costs $2,499, while the 83-inch model costs $6,499.

April will see the release of the entry-level B3 series. It ranges from $1,699 for a 55-inch model to $3,299 for a 77-inch model. “A later date,” LG promises pricing for the wireless M3 and transparent OLED T.

This year, the G3 gets the most upgrades. Through a booster feature, it provides a picture that is up to 70% brighter, and its new zero-gap design makes it easier to mount on the wall. It also has an a9 Gen 6 processor with better image and audio processing, as well as support for synchronizing the output of the built-in speakers with more recent LG soundbars.

The C3 has the same advantages as the a9 Gen 6 chip, but it is only a slight improvement over the C2 from last year. However, at the middle “sweet spot” sizes, it may represent a better value than the B3. The 65-inch C3 for $2,499 is only $100 more expensive than the B3 equivalent with a weaker processor (the a7 Gen 6) so you might as well pay the extra money for a set that will last longer.

It is unclear whether LG’s lineup performs well in comparison to the Samsung S95C. The latest LG model lacks the brightness of the Samsung model, but it does have a gaming-friendly refresh rate of 144 Hz. However, only the 77-inch S95C is currently available, and LG offers a wider range of sizes and performance tiers in addition to Dolby Vision HDR support (as opposed to Samsung’s HDR10+).

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