5 Actions that all Students Should Take to Improve their Mental Health

The success and general well-being of Indian students depend heavily on the cultivation of positive mental health. It’s critical to provide students with practical tools to support their mental health because the obstacles they encounter in their personal and academic lives can be daunting. The Continue Reading

Exercise and Depression Has a Mutual Relationship

According to recent research from the University of Toronto, persons who reported having greater depressive symptoms during the previous week were also less likely to report engaging in physical exercise during that same time frame. Generally speaking, there is a positive correlation between physical activity Continue Reading

Inspiring Change: Maja Kazazic’s Impact on Mental Health and Empathy Awareness

In a world where the battles against mental health challenges often go unseen, Maja Kazazic has emerged as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change. Her remarkable journey, from surviving the horrors of war to becoming an advocate for mental health and empathy Continue Reading