How did NASA get Mars’ air to be breathable? With pizazz and MIT researchers

Scientists said this week that during a two-year experiment to see if NASA could make oxygen on Mars, they were able to make enough breathable air to help a small dog survive. The Mars Perseverance Rover includes the MOXIE (Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization) apparatus Continue Reading

Wildfire smoke is warming the planet more than previously thought, scientists say

Among the intricate blend of particles that make up rapidly spreading fire smoke, a bountiful yet hitherto obscure kind has been displayed to trap an amazing measure of intensity, as per new exploration. These outcomes demonstrate that out of control fires, which are supposed to Continue Reading

Send off of Flying corps Exploration Lab route satellite postponed once more

WASHINGTON — The Flying corps Exploration Lab has pushed the send off of a trial route satellite until the following spring because of the postponed introduction of Joined Send off Coalition’s Vulcan Centaur rocket. Route Innovation Satellite-3 was scheduled to fly toward the finish of Continue Reading