Strategy-Led Business Developer, Farooque Khan, Changing the Agri Industry

Entrepreneur, and strategy-led business developer, Farooque Khan, is on a mission to revolutionise the Agriculture industry by increasing adoption and engagement of Web3 applications like Asyagro. Khan is the founder of Asyagro which is a web 3 application used for farming in the metaverse. Farooque works on accelerating the growth of Farmers by creating a platform which eases the farming effors. He is a visionary who is passionate about helping Farmers find their best possible place in the market regardless of the complexity.

The Metaverse can be a confusing place for some, for others, it represents the new era of technology which many see as a decentralised universe that places control in the hands of creators, gamers, and developers. It is a highly lucrative opportunity for businesses and institutional investors. With advances made in bandwidth, chips, software, and new (hardware) platforms, metaverse adoption is expected to rise, which is why there is an abundance of capital in this space.

Asyagro harnesses the power of skilled agronomists and the best intelligence to deliver unrivaled expertise and support for a sustainable and profitable agricultural value chain in the metaverse. They are a leader in providing comprehensive solutions to ensure customers can meet today’s farming challenges with confidence and hassle-free. The AsyAgro platform consists of a blockchain-based infrastructure which makes it very customer friendly. The platform provides farmers worldwide with the tools required to become successful farmers in the metaverse. Combining world-class technology with on-the-ground expertise, AsyAgro is revolutionizing the agriculture industry.

The Asyagro Token was introduced in 2021. It is regarded to be a valid cryptocurrency in agriculture for the purpose of all your farming needs. Asyagro is a global leader in providing digital solutions to agriculture and food businesses. We enable full visibility into the agricultural and food value chain, with touchpoints across every stage . Asy token will connect farmers worldwide to meaningful projects on the ground and people that will make them happen, it is designed to promote a positive impact on the lives of farmers all around the world. It is a stablecoin that is used for trading and Buying service from different Platforms Asyagro is all you need for your complete value chain management.

With Farooque’s industry knowledge and outreach, Asyagro will help tap into something that hasn’t been explored before. Farooque will aim to promote blockchain adoption and ease out the complexities of the metverse and make farmers more familiar with farming in the metaverse.

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