Microsoft offers an evaluation tool for Azure Migration designed for.NET apps

AppCAT, an Azure Migrate tool from Microsoft, was released with the goal of helping customers move their on-premises.NET apps to the Azure cloud.

Since its launch on January 3, the Azure Migrate application and code assessment tool for.NET, or AppCAT for short, has allowed users to evaluate an application’s configurations, binaries, and source code in order to identify potential problems and opportunities when migrating.NET applications to Azure. According to Microsoft, the tool provides current, cloud-native solutions that increase performance, security, and scalability while assisting in identifying potential problems with an application’s migration to Azure.

AppCAT will report things to verify or adjust after an analysis is completed in order to guarantee that an application functions correctly after being transferred from on-premises to Azure. AppCAT uses static code and dependency analysis to identify application technology utilization. It is available as a Visual Studio extension or as a.NET CLI utility. Microsoft has made the CLI tool’s instructions available. Users can store the analysis’s results in HTML, CSV, and JSON forms using the CLI tool and the Visual Studio addon.

AppCAT allows users to resolve issues, mark them as fixed, store the current state, and jump to a line that needs attention. The tool gives an estimate of the amount of work required to resolve each problem, including estimates for individual app and project components. Plans include adding AI capabilities to the tool and integrating it with Copilot AI support. A more customized assessment depending on the selected Azure goal is also in the works.

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