Google’s ‘DVD Screensaver’ Easter egg presents the logo skip around your screen accordingly

It’s been some time since we’ve seen a decent Easter egg out of Google. Not very far in the past it seemed like somebody would find a new hidden gag in Google’s products every few weeks. The organization put them out like it was their work.

While we haven’t seen as numerous new ones pop up lately, it would seem that they’re actually discovering their way in. The most recent: with the correct search terms, you can make the Google search page act like an early aughts media player that has been left sitting excessively long.

How to activate it:

Be on Google on a desktop browser. It doesn’t appear to work on mobile.

Search for “DVD screensaver”. “DVD bouncing logo” seems to work, also.

Wait about five seconds and the logo should begin a-bouncin’.

What’s the point? Like most great easter eggs, the only answer to that is “I dunno, it’s fun!” Kill time by checking whether it at any point hits the corner. Tell your associates concerning it so they know beyond all doubt you’re reading dumb stuff on the Internet instead of working.

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