California wildfire season ends with below-average fire activity

The 2023 California wildfire season ended on Thursday with below-average fire activity, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire).

A total of 6,001 fires burned 317,191 acres in California during the 2023 fire season. This is below the state’s five-year average of 1,509,952 acres burned during the same period.

The 2023 fire season was relatively mild compared to recent years. In 2020, for example, over 4 million acres burned in California.

Cal Fire officials say that the mild fire season was due to a number of factors, including increased precipitation, cooler temperatures, and a lack of strong winds.

The mild fire season is good news for Californians, but Cal Fire officials warn that the state is still vulnerable to wildfires. They urge Californians to be prepared for wildfires and to have a plan in place in case of a wildfire.

Here are some tips from Cal Fire on how to be prepared for a wildfire:

  • Make a plan for your family and pets.
  • Know your evacuation routes.
  • Assemble a go-bag with food, water, medication, and other essentials.
  • Keep your property free of debris.
  • Be aware of the fire danger in your area.

If you see a wildfire, call 911 immediately.

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