A groundhog was found to have the first rabies case in Delaware this year.

The first animal in Delaware to be infected with rabies this year was a groundhog that was found near Bringhurst Woods Park off of Washington Street Extension and Carr Road, according to the state Division of Public Health (DPH).

A human and their dog were exposed to the potentially rabid groundhog last week in a residential neighborhood, according to state officials.

State officials advised the individual and their dog to seek treatment after the groundhog was found to be positive.

Public health officials are also asking anyone who thinks they might have been bitten, scratched, or saw a groundhog or a feral cat in that area to get in touch with their doctor right away or call the DPH Rabies Program at 302-744-4995 right away.

After testing 75 animals for the viral disease thus far, officials stated that this is the first confirmed case of rabies in the state this year.

Nearly 200 animals were tested last year, and eleven of them came back positive; however, none of them were groundhogs.

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