Xcel Energy announces energy crisis, starts controlled blackouts

Xcel Energy, area co-ops and municipals announced an energy crisis today and are presently starting controlled blackouts.

The organization said this is because of steady lacks in natural gas supplies that fuel power plants in the central United States, incorporating power plants in Texas and New Mexico.

To keep up reliability and protect the regional grid, Xcel said they have been compelled to intrude on power to pre-selected electric circuits for up to one hour at a time until system conditions improve.

These interferences started at 6:45 a.m. earlier today.

“Natural gas production is off because of the extreme cold, and supplies are freezing up in the wellfields, limiting the amount of gas that can be delivered over pipelines to power plants across the region and beyond. This is occurring across multiple states, including all of Texas,” said David Hudson, president, Xcel Energy.

Xcel said there is no compelling reason to report a blackout during a controlled event.

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