White Palace Celebrates Diwali with Shri Govind Bhai T. Patel

The White palace Diwali Celebration under the name of ‘Lights and Unites’ in their message to the Community

White Palace Dhamdachha had invited people from different communities and had Diwali fireworks, dance, and a speech from Guests.

Shri Govindbhai T. Patel is the Director of Gandevi Sugar was the chief guest at the venue,

Shri Govindbhai T. Patel
Shri Govindbhai T. Patel

Gulam Bhai Wadiwala was also present at the event, which is the President of the Muslim Community of Dhamdachha welcomed Shri Govind bhai T. Patel, with Red Roses, and celebration started with heavy fire works at the white palace.

Everyone Enjoyed speech from Shri Govind bhai T. Patel. He said, “We are a group of Gujarati’s who wish to expand the inclusive and universal message of Diwali, which represents union, peace, and love among communities. particularly important today as many groups will be using this day of peace, cohesion, and love to divide our Community into different lines.”

Recently, The White Palace has become the best venue for a photoshoot for style designers and Top-notch labels. Actor Shawar Ali’s latest photoshoot, in collaboration with Libas, grabbed the eyeballs of fashion enthusiasts of the country. This heritage palace of Gujarat is undoubtedly has become the venue for some of the most celebrated events and occasions.

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