Warren Buffett-supported electric automaker BYD ships 100 vehicles to Norway

Chinese automaker BYD declared Monday it transported off the first batch of vehicles for planned delivery of 1,500 electric vehicles to Norway before the current year’s over.

The organization, which is backed by U.S. billionaire Warren Buffett, said 100 units of its all-electric Tang SUV sent Monday from Shanghai, and are set to show up at dealerships in Norway toward the end of the summer.

The vehicles are scheduled to sell for 599,900 Norwegian kroner ($72,418) each, as indicated by BYD. The organization said it is working with Scandinavian vehicle distributor, RSA, for deliveries and customer service.

An agent for RSA didn’t immediately respond to a CNBC request for comment. The distributor’s official website has a link to a page on BYD Norway.

Chinese electric vehicle start-ups Xpeng and Nio are likewise making inroads into Norway, where electric vehicles have ruled new traveler car sales throughout the previous three years, per the Norwegian Road Federation.

Xpeng said it delivered in excess of 300 units of its G3 SUV to Norway in the first quarter, in the wake of sending 100 vehicles to the market in December. The start-up plans to deliver an undefined amount of its P7 to the market in the second half of the year.

Nio plans to start delivering its ES8 SUV to Norway in September, with the ET7 set for local deliveries in 2022. The organization is set to open a flagship “Nio House” store in Oslo in the second from last quarter.

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