Unlocking Transformation: Regina Fridkin’s Healing Journey and the Birth of Ideal Alignment Inc.

Life has a mysterious way of guiding us toward our true purpose. Regina Fridkin’s path to becoming a certified life coach, management consultant, and founder of Ideal Alignment Inc. was paved with a transformative experience that sparked a profound inner awakening. In this article, we explore Regina’s healing journey and how it led her to embrace her calling of helping others unlock their full potential and thrive.

In 2018, Regina encountered a life-altering event when she suffered a fall, breaking her right foot metatarsal. What seemed like a typical injury with a recovery period turned into a six-month journey of introspection and personal growth. Throughout this time, she was confronted with the realities of life’s fragility and the importance of self-care.

Regina’s healing process took on a deeper meaning as she reflected on her experiences leading up to that moment. The sudden loss of her mother to cancer in 2013 left her emotionally shattered. Devoting herself to her role as a mother and caretaker for her ailing father, she buried her needs and desires beneath a mountain of responsibilities. During this period of self-reflection, she realized the necessity of reconnecting with her identity and finding balance in her life.

Amidst the physical pain and emotional challenges, Regina’s path led her to a reiki healer who recognized her suffering without needing words. Encouraged by the possibility of alleviating her physical discomfort, Regina sought the healer’s assistance, embarking on a transformative journey of energy and self-discovery. Her interest in energy and life deepened through multiple sessions and conversations, igniting a passion within her to learn more about these realms.

Regina’s healing journey took a pivotal turn with her father’s passing in March 2019, precisely six years after her mother’s departure. This profound loss compelled her to explore her life’s purpose and the power of embracing the present moment. It was during this period that Regina cultivated a consistent meditation practice, allowing her to find solace and strength amidst the chaos.

With her newfound perspective, Regina’s life began to transform in unexpected ways. She secured a higher-paying job, experiencing financial growth alongside her personal development. Even amidst the challenges of the global pandemic in 2020, Regina found herself thriving, juggling her responsibilities as a working mother while investing in her growth.

Embracing her passion for mentorship and inspired by her journey, Regina pursued certifications in coaching, becoming an IP trainer and a Knowledge Broker with Anthony Robbins. In August 2020, she took a leap of faith and established Ideal Alignment Inc., her consultancy firm. Regina began assisting clients as a life coach and property management consultant through her company, offering guidance and tools to support their personal growth and transformation.

Regina’s path of self-discovery led her to a profound realization regarding the prevalence of cancer and its impact on numerous lives. Acknowledging the complex interplay between our environment, emotions, and physical health, she became committed to helping individuals maintain good health and well-being by embracing honesty, love, and gratitude. Her studies with esteemed teachers, shamans, and gurus solidified her understanding of the profound connection between energy and well-being.

In her ongoing quest for knowledge and self-improvement, Regina discovered Reconnective Healing®. Completing her reconnection experience and becoming a Foundational Practitioner certified by Dr. Eric Pearl, she found a deep passion for working with frequencies and witnessing their transformative power. Regina’s excitement and enthusiasm for sharing this healing modality with the world are palpable as she recognizes the importance of learning to receive and embracing the abundance of love and light surrounding us.

Regina Fridkin stands as a guiding light for those seeking alignment and transformation as we venture into a new age of awakening and self-realization. Through her journey, she has learned the power of embracing one’s true self, living in the present moment, and recognizing the unlimited potential within each individual. With Ideal Alignment Inc., Regina’s mission is to help others unlock their inner power, overcome obstacles, and thrive in all areas of life.

In conclusion, Regina Fridkin’s healing journey and the birth of Ideal Alignment Inc. inspire those on a path of personal growth and self-discovery. From the depths of physical and emotional pain, Regina emerged as a beacon of light, embracing her purpose of helping others unleash their full potential. By sharing her experiences and knowledge, she empowers individuals to navigate their healing journeys and cultivate lives filled with love, gratitude, and alignment. 

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