Tom Brady anticipated being prepared for minicamp following offseason knee surgery

Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady will take a slight diversion heading into the 2021 NFL season.

Brady, who is recuperating from offseason knee surgery, is relied upon to be prepared for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ June minicamp. The future Hall of Fame quarterback showed up at head coach Bruce Arians’ fundraising gala, and he talked about getting back on the field in a hurry.

Nonetheless, Brady said in a kidding way that he couldn’t say whether he “can go this week.”

“I feel pretty good and I push myself pretty hard,” Brady said. “… We will see how things play out. It is a long time between now and the beginning of the season. Just be smart about all these different things we have to do and fulfill. We all take a lot of pride in being ready to go and I am sure we will be.”

ESPN previously announced Brady’s remarks at Sunday night’s event.

Brady added that he’s gaining acceptable headway during his recovery stretch.

“None of that is fun, but looking forward to getting back to real training and stuff, which is hopefully here pretty soon,” he said. “I’m cool with it. It’s just part of what you deal with. Things come up. You deal with them the best way you can, with the best opportunity to improve. I’m definitely feeling a lot better than I did six or seven weeks ago.”

In his first season with the Bucs, Brady led the franchise to its first Super Bowl title since the 2002 season.

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