This Netflix original series at last took the #1 spot from ‘Manifest’

It will undoubtedly happen in the long run. After its exceptional, almost month-long streak as the #1 TV show on Netflix, another show has at last booted Manifest out of the top spot on the streamer’s top 10 ranking. That would be Netflix’s own Virgin River, season 3 of which was simply added to the service. It’s a Netflix original series about a nurse practitioner who evacuates from Los Angeles to a remote town in Northern California. We ought to likewise add that it as of now traverses three seasons, making this Netflix original somewhat of an anomaly.

Netflix frequently finishes its original TV series after a couple of seasons. Possibly three, on more extraordinary events. Recent examples of this incorporate Cursed, the Arthurian-era fantasy that Netflix just hacked out after one season. Exemptions for this, in the interim, incorporate huge hits like Stranger Things (the fourth season of which is just around the corner).

Netflix’s Virgin River season 3 is out now

The official synopsis from Netflix for Virgin River’s third season, in the interim, keeps things somewhat, indeed, unclear. It obviously contains “even more drama in store for our beloved characters. Highlights include a funeral, a fire, a divorce, a hurricane and a new romance, in a twist-packed season that’ll keep fans on the edge of their seats.”

The new season gives watchers 10 episodes, each generally around the 40-minute mark.

Certainly, appearing in the #1 spot was additionally likely not out of the ordinary for the new season. At the point when Netflix released Virgin River Season 2 before the end of last year, for instance, it sat on the top 10 for an entire week. Presently, does the show have the right to demolish the Internet’s most loved dropped NBC dramatization existing apart from everything else?

That is another matter totally.

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