The Wizards, Still Operating Without A GM, Drafted A Guy They’d Neither Met Nor Spoken To

The Washington Wizards chose Gonzaga huge man Rui Hachimura with the No. 9 pick in NBA Draft. The pick was somewhat of an unexpected given that there hadn’t been any reports of any associations between that establishment and their inevitable draftee. Things being what they are, that unexpected stretched out right to the player also.

These sorts of moderately visually impaired picks aren’t actually a deviation from the standard, however that standard for the most part highlights groups that really have a functioning general chief on staff—which, as you may recollect, the Wizards don’t. Since that is Washington’s current circumstance, a move like this appears to be quite damn unfavorable. Hachimura wasn’t an accord top-five pick, nor was he expected to fall outside of the lottery.

Disregard an exercise, for what reason wouldn’t the Wizards at any rate consider calling him before choosing to draft him? Is this what individuals ought to anticipate from the establishment going ahead? Are the Wizards simply going to settle on these hurried a minute ago choices until somebody with even a speck of ability falls in their laps?

As a cynical Wizards fan, the response to those inquiries is: presumably, and it will cause some significant issues if the empty GM position isn’t filled soon. In any case, in any event for the time being, that sort of unconstrained basic leadership happened to discover a tolerably capable prospect.

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