The Nintendo Switch is receiving a calculator application for $10

In the event that you’ve at any point pined to do a few calculations in between long Breath of the Wild sessions, Nintendo’s Switch is getting a calculator app on Wednesday. At last.

However, hold up. Try not to salivate over the long division potential presently, as the Calculator application will cost $10. That is £8 for UK purchasers and converts to AU$12.75, however the Australian eShop doesn’t yet list the application.

Possibly this application has an exceptional feature that makes it more important with the free calculators that please every cell phone or the actual physical scientific calculators that can be purchased at Amazon?

Not really. “A scientific calculator with a clear easy-to-read multi-line display, which should help with those not-so-easy-to-do maths problems,” the description reads. “Calculator has an appealing modern and practical design, sure to be popular with all students and engineers.”

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