The Legend Of Zelda

A lot is being heard about the nostalgic game named The Legend of Zelda. It was first released back in the year 1993 which was then made the series of go mobile. A remake of The Legends of Zelda has been released now after almost 30 years and gamers are pretty much excited about the game. Developers Nintendo and Grezzo have worked day and night to recreate the classic where the players will enjoy the new level of the game. Back in 1993, it was made for the Game Boy, however in 2019; the game is being looked at as a new life presented in 3D rendering in a beautiful manner.

What reviewers have to say about the game? Most of the reviewers of the game have said that it is fully packed with new features. From the visuals to the diorama-like presentation, it gives feeling to its players as it is a miniature world. It gives you a feel of the modern game however not at all a simple reboot. It would be very right to say that this game is a perfect example of how a remake should look like and how it should be made. In simple words, the reviewers have said that the game has not lost its original charm yet the graphics of the games are appealing to the young and modern audience in every manner.

What is there in The Legend of Zelda? The story of the game is really a simple one. The hero of the game, Link washes ashore on the island named Koholint. He is forced to fight through a series of dungeons to awake the mysterious Wind Fish.

The island has been inhabited by a number of interesting characters. Later on in the game, all these characters become the main elements of the game. For instance, Dampe (the crazy Gravedigger), the owl and the Marin are just a few to name.

What is new in the game? Dampen was not there in the original game. This is one of the new additions in the remake. Other new things include the enhanced graphics which are different in this version. Link is obviously still one of the cute characters however in this remake he is seen to be displayed in a better version of himself full of energy.

A link has a whole new set of control systems to compliment his appearance. These new controls enable the players to differentiate between using the whirling blade, horizontal slash, blocking with the shield, jump attack and more. These are in addition to Link’s classic items i.e. the sword, Pegasus boots, the shield, and his power bracelet.

Date of release: The remake has been released on September 20, 2019; Friday on the Nintendo Switch Store. It has been almost 9 days since the remake of the game has been released and we can see reviews being poured out all over the internet. You can buy the game at $ 59.99. This is the time to return to another adventure with Link.

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