The Last of Us TV show actor has been gifted a PS5 to replay the games from Neil Druckmann to assist with “research”

A The Last of Us TV show actor has been gifted a PS5 to replay the games and assist with promoting his research into the role.

Gabriel Luna, who will be taking on the role of Joel’s brother Tommy in the series, took to Instagram to share his fervor of getting a PS5 from in all honesty The Last of Us maker Neil Druckmann, with the assistance of Sony obviously.

The actor shared a photograph of himself sitting close to the console smiling with the caption: “A huge THANK YOU to @Playstation and the mastermind @druckmann for gifting me the necessary equipment to further my research. I’m going to replay 1 and 2 in the mode where if you get whacked you have to go back to the start”

The mode that Luna is alluding to in his post is the Permadeath mode found in the Grounded trouble of The Last of Us 2 which puts players by allowing them no second opportunities. This almost reasonable mode sends players back to the beginning of the game, regardless of how far through the game you are, after one death. Which if these The Last of Us 2 Permadeath comes up short are anything to go by, can be very baffling to experience.

Gabriel Luna, alongside different members of the cast, appear to be playing their new roles on the show in their step as they keep on sharing small experiences into the creation of The Last of Us TV show on their social media accounts. We likewise got our first appropriate look at what the show will resemble as of late when fans shared some The Last of Us TV show set photographs which were taken as the cast and team shot in Canada.

News about this show is never hard to come by either, as it was additionally as of late reported that Anna Torv will likewise be joining the series as Joel’s right-hand lady Tess. Torv will join any semblance of Gabriel Luna as Tommy, The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal as Joel, Bella Ramsey as Ellie, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

On the off chance that you need seriously persuading that this series is in the right hands, the first entertainer who played Tommy in the games – who will likewise assume an alternate part in the TV show – Jeffrey Pierce as of late expressed that the contents for the show are “breathtaking” and some of the best he’s ever seen in terms of detail.

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