The Chicago Cubs win for the first time in their history at Yankee Stadium.

Despite being one of Major League Baseball’s oldest teams, the Chicago Cubs did something they had never done before on Friday night: At Yankee Stadium, they won a game.

The Cubs won 3-0 against the Yankees thanks to Jameson Taillon’s gem, which gave the team its first victory over the Bronx Bombers in New York. The Fledglings entered the game with a 0-12 imprint in games played at Yankee Arena I and II, remembering a 0-4 imprint for the Worldwide championship.

Interleague play was not presented until 1997, which restricted the groups’ appearances against one another before then to the Worldwide championship — and both of their gatherings in the Fall Exemplary (1932, 1938) finished in Yankees clears. The Whelps didn’t play a customary season series in the Bronx by any stretch of the imagination until 2005.

“New year,” Offspring outfielder Cody Bellinger, who homered in the game, said on the field a while later. “( Today, Taillon) was very good. That was wonderful to see.”

In eight innings, Taillon, who had pitched for the Yankees the previous two seasons, gave up just one hit. In a 102-pitch night, he walked two and struck out four. In the ninth, Adbert Alzolay secured the victory by allowing just one more hit as the Yankees’ offensive problems persisted.

Take the money: Payrolls and salaries of MLB players for each major league team Taillon stated, “I just needed an outing like this period.” It wasn’t like I wanted to hurt those guys over there because I have a lot of affection for them. This was not a game of vengeance or something like that. However, it does feel good to have a good night on this stage in New York City.

The Fledglings’ success and Taillon’s presentation eclipsed the season introduction of Carlos Rodon. The Yankees’ enormous offseason free specialist marking pitched 5⅓ innings, permitting four hits and two runs while striking out two and strolling two north of 69 pitches.

Rodon stated, “It’s nice to finally pitch in the pinstripes in Yankee Stadium, but not the way I wanted to start.”

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