Simple listening legend Barry Manilow offers $100,000 to typhoon attacked high school band

There sufficiently aren’t Barry Manilow news days, as we would see it. The simply turned 76-year-old simple listening songwriting legend is as yet performing in Vegas, and furthermore runs the Manilow Music Project, which is “keeping dreams alive one instrument at a time” by giving to class music programs, and has given over $10 million altogether to date over three decades.

The site says that Manilow made the venture to pay tribute to his very own secondary school symphony in Brooklyn and is essentially centered around providing instruments, which can keep running over $1,000 per violin and more than $7,000 per tuba.

Barry Manilow simply reported the current year’s victors from his phase in Vegas, with four sprinters up and an uncommon honor for best video. According to KATU, Manilow said he was bombarded by video entries before deciding to give the grand-prize award to the marching band of East Duplin High School in North Carolina, in “an area still recovering from Hurricane Florence.” The fortunate winners will receive $100,000 in instruments and band uniforms.

In the video, Manilow says that he heard from kids who told him that “band classes helped them to make friends they couldn’t make in other classes… I know exactly what you’re talking about.” The triumphant East Duplin Marching Band video demonstrates how the band individuals all kept in contact even while school was closed down after the tropical storm, considering themselves a family a few times over, and when the band executive breaks down, it’s hard for the watcher not to also.

Manilow thanks the victors “for your passion, your heart, and your talent.” If Barry Manilow is expressing gratitude toward you for those things, kids, you are certainly accomplishing something right. Manilow then shuts his video with certain strains of “Copacabana,” due to course he comprehends what his actual work of art is.

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