Set Apart And Chosen is back; Veleka B. announces a new arm to the brand, Set Apart And Chosen Music Group

Veleka B

Set Apart And Chosen, one of the most fabled faith-based digital marketing brands, is adding a music group to the frontline platform.

Atlanta, Georgia Jul 8, 2022 ( – Set Apart And Chosen today (July 8) announced its latest endeavor and new branch arm, Set Apart And Chosen Music Group, with immediate effect, adding to the one-stop-shop for artistry, a music development conglomerate that accentuates the current marketing services allotted to clients.

Set Apart And Chosen emerged as a game-changer in 2021 with an answer to touring disparities for independent artists with the launch of virtual event space, offering artistry Livestream concerts with over 1 million viewers, which also attributed to BDS reporting and Facebook views counting toward Billboard Charting.

Veleka B., Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Set Apart And Chosen, said today: “Everything we do is for the artist, and keeping that same momentum, a music group felt like the next step to our current journey. Our platform boasts a complete social media suite, an artist-centered website, custom app, email blast promotions, blog, podcast, 24-hour coverage TV station, and artist showcases.

“The creation of the music group is a testament to our long-term commitment and newfound partnership with industry vet Marsha Burke Jerman; that the advance of the Set-Apart And Chosen brand will mean as much to the upcoming generation of artists and fans as it does for us currently. “Working with artists, assisting with brand creation, and developing future talent drives me. I can’t wait to share Jovita Sheppard, our first signed artist, to Set Apart And Chosen Music Group.”

Friday, July 15, during Stellar Awards Weekend, Set Apart And Chosen Music Group will host a star-studded artist showcase and industry network event in conjunction with Carlton Cofield, CEO of SoulTowne Marketing.

“Set Apart And Chosen is stronger — creatively and commercially — as our values, dedication, and acumen keep us frontline and center with forwarding progression.”

For more information about Set Apart and Chosen, and to enquire about tour opportunities and or other events and conferences, visit

About Set Apart And Chosen

Set Apart And Chosen serves Churches, Gospel Artists, Faith-Based Organizations, and Corporate entities seeking to engage the faith-based community. They exist to equip ministry leaders with marketing and social media skills to further their efforts in building the Kingdom.

For press inquiries, please get in touch with Veleka B. at (888) 361-1719 or send an email to

Jovita Sheppard

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