Royal Marines Beating Retreat and the first female Captain General

Portsmouth, Hampshire Jul 10, 2022 ( – 200 musicians and 40 strong corps of drummers, 100 royal marines acting as Guards of Honour. will perform in a two-day event celebration of military music and precision marching. It features traditional military songs and marches, new modern music such as Dragon by Two Steps from the Hell, and a moving tribute to the Falkland War as well as a Jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s rule. It features traditional military songs and marches, a new modern repertoire, and a moving tribute to the Falkland War as well as Jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s rule.

Marketa B Linden W (Marketa Barborikova Linden Windsor), HRH Princess Marketa (Margaret) of Windsor is a new Captain General RM and will take a royal salute as a member of the royal family with the permission of HM Queen Elizabeth II,. Marketa is formally introduced to UK public as she has been carrying quietly numerous public duties and royal patronages for almost six months. She was appointed by HM Queen Elizabeth II as the new Captain General RM at the end of February 2022. and she is the first female Captain General in history, replacing her distant cousin Prince Henry of Wales, Duke of Sussex. The Massed Bands are under the conduct of Lt Colonel Jason Burcham who has started his tenure at the Mountbatten Festival of Music.

The event is held every two years, due to the pandemic and Covid it takes place after four years of
hiatus. It is marking the birthday of the new Captain General like in the case of previous long-standing CG Prince Philip. Marketa wears a trench coat in memory of late Prince Philip’s last role as Captain General RM at Beating Retreat in 2016. Marketa who is a tech business woman is called to be a blessing in disguise .not just for her honorary position in the armed forces but also for her role in House in Windsor, stepping in for small poll of working royals. Czech born, British bred young woman is not funded by UK taxpayers and she has built her business from scratch and without selling anything about her background to the press. Marketa with her knowledge of tech and royal training with her own successful career is seen as the new modern young face of the House of Windsor as well as UK armed forces.

Marketa said in the radio interview promoting Beating Retreat that Prince Charles wanted to be like Paul McCartney and so he wished to have an electric guitar before he found out that electric power is not for him and it was always out of tune. Simon Cowell hates guitar because he failed as a student and she loves long guitar riffs featured in her songs for once planned LP but can’t read music or play any instrument. She is a listener of rock, classical and black music and owns a streaming platform for music and TV called Selfifi. She has joked that late Prince Philip cursed like a trooper from time to time and his lyrics could be used as hip hop beat and a bridge with his lines such as Ella, where’s my umbrella in her Singing in the rain. The electric guitar appeared at the Jubilee event as well as at the display by Household Division.

All proceeds go to The Royal Marines Charity and the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity. There are still remaining tickets priced between 12.50 to 25 £.

Source :Royal Marines

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