Previous Chicago Bear and Super Bowl XX champion, Steve McMichael, doing combating ALS

Previous Chicago Bears champion, Steve McMichael, has been determined to have ALS, reports WGN’s Jarrett Payton. McMichael uncovered the diagnosis earlier this week.

McMichael has been battling ALS, frequently informally known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, for quite a while subsequent to getting two separate medical opinions. Normal early symptoms of ALS incorporate slow muscle deterioration and at least some form of motor and cognitive decline. McMichael, 63, utilizes his own wheelchair given by the Bears and has lost the utilization of the two his arms and legs.

“I’m not going to be out in the public anymore … you’re not going to see me out doing appearances, hell, I can’t even sign my name anymore, and everybody’s going to be speculating ‘Where’s McMichael, what’s wrong with him?” McMichael told WGN. “I’m here to tell everyone I’ve been diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, so I’m not going to be a public figure anymore.”

A previous All-Pro, McMichael played for the Bears from 1981-1993 and was a significant supporter of the Super Bowl XX champion squad in 1985. He was then a regular in the Chicagoland media community for years, showing up on both TV and radio while giving his one of a kind commentary on the Bears and NFL.

A GoFundMe has been set up to assist with McMichael’s clinical costs. Chicago organization Obvious Shirts has additionally made a shirt that peruses “Team Mongo.”

All supports will go straightforwardly to assist with McMichael’s fight.

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