Persona 6 potentially prodded in series’ 25th Anniversary plans

The Persona series will commend its 25th anniversary in September 2021. Atlus is arranging different commemorative product, events, and collaborations for the franchise.

The official teaser website contains 7 pictures. One of them has the date “2021/9” on it, the next five simply contain the words “Coming Soon” while the seventh one has a “2022/Autumn” recorded in the photograph.

One of these teasers may relate to Code Name: X, a mobile game propelled by Persona 5. Perfect World Games gained the license. Subtleties on the game are as of now scant. They have from that point forward brought down the game’s site, apparently on the grounds that it went live prematurely.

Another of these projects is probably Persona 6. The merchandise website for the 25th anniversary contains a set of acrylic stands that contain box art from the mainline Persona games. Notwithstanding, there are two additional stands in the set that are turned gray out and essentially marked “secret”. Moreover, a set of trading photograph cards highlighting each game’s hero additionally has one additional card turned gray out with “secret”. These “secret” stocks are probably placeholders for Persona 6. Considering this, we may really see the hero and the game’s box art by September.

Filling the flares considerably further is Atlus Japan’s recruitment page where they posted a few developer interviews. One of these engineers affirmed that Persona 6 was a game that Atlus was totally anticipating making, however it was additionally viewed as very daunting. They additionally expressed that they might want the new game to enhance Persona 5 considerably.

So the writing is on the wall, maybe some news on Persona 6 is simply into the great beyond.

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