Nvidia is performing to re-release stopped GPUs to mitigate GTX 3080 deficiencies

Nvidia has been not able to fulfill the unquenchable demand for its most recent graphics cards, so the organization has discovered a temporary solution: it’s bringing back older GPUs, the GTX 1050 Ti and RTX 2060.

Purchasers have been spending much more cash on at-home entertainment because of the pandemic, and new graphics cards that enable innovative ray-tracing graphics rendering in games are extremely popular, prompting tight inventory and urgent clients. Goodness, and it doesn’t assist that unscrupulous scalpers have capitalized on the moment by gathering up stock to check it up to out of this world costs.

The RTX 2060 was released in 2019 and still supports ray tracing, however it will not have the option to render high-resolution games at a similar frame rates as the most recent RTX 3080. The GTX 1050 Ti, then, was released in 2016 and is a lot more slow, however maybe the reasoning is that it will be adequate for new PC gamers who want to play less-demanding games.

Nvidia can do discover supply in light of the fact that the most recent cards are based on a 8nm manufacturing process, though the older cards are on a 12nm process. The last can be pumped out more reasonably since that process has long been established while the newer 8nm process is still generally new and in high-demand.

Be that as it may, while these older cards were initially released at low costs — $140 for the GTX 1050 Ti and $350 for the RTX 2060 — the high demand for GPUs right presently is additionally influencing them. Gizmodo reports the cards have been selling online for as high as $400 and $700 respectively.

Considering the older cards are a compromise in performance, you truly may very well pass on this one and hang tight for a more current RTX 3080. Simply live with what you have for the time being, or perhaps stream a few titles from Xbox Game Pass. Try not to permit Nvidia to benefit off your pain.

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